Vinesh Phogat Is The First Indian Woman Wrestler To Win The Gold Medal In Asian Games.

Vinesh Phogat

This is the 2nd gold medal for India in Wrestling category in 18th Asian Games

In the women’s 50KG category Vinesh faced Japanese challenge in the final round. She dominated Japanese wrestler Yuki in that round and sacked the gold. In the first half of the game, she took the lead by 4-0. In the  second half, Yuki counter attacked resulting in loss of 2 points for Vinesh.

Vinesh Phogat

In the final round, Vinesh beat Japanese  wrestler Yuki Azari by 6-2 and brought the glory for India

Vinesh Phogat

Thus overall score was in favour of Vinesh and she won her first ever gold in Asian games and becoming the first woman to win the gold for India

Haryana Government will honour her with Rs. 3 Crore of the cash award and a job of HCS/HPS


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