Kolhapur Festivals

Every festival in city witness secularism in its true lights. The city celebrates every festival with love and warmth. People of every religion live here and celebrates the festival together. Diwali to Eid, Christmas to Holi every festival is celebrated with same enthusiasm in Kolhapur. Along with cultural festival, the city celebrates its own unique festivals. …

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Kolhapuri Food

 Some cities are known for their culinary specialties and kolhapur is on the top of that list . Its famous for its extraordinary unique taste and secret behind that is use of authentic and traditional spices. Special kolhapuri homemade masalas (mix spices) & Onion Garlic paste takes it to another level. Tambda – Pandhra Rassa: Tambda …

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Kolhapur | कोल्हापुर | The City of Blessings

            जगात भारी आम्ही कोल्हापुरी…. When you hear “Kolhapur” so many things will pop up in your mind…         Zan-Zanit Tambda Pandhra Rassa,  Kolhapuri Chappal,   Kolhapuri Misal, Kolhapuri Saj ,Kolhapuri Jaggery  . . . That’s not it !  Kolhapur has more than that . Awaiting to be explored and We are …

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