Unity in Diversity

Incredible India

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India is independent because of the sacrifices our forefathers made, the cost of the freedom, that we got as our birthright was paid by those Bravehearts. And now it’s our responsibility to keep that flame of freedom burning and nurture it with its integrity. India was once called a golden sparrow, which was entrapped by British, got ripped of its prosperity but then unity in our brothers gave the strength to break from the chains and then again that sparrow flew high in the sky with wings of freedom.


Picture Credit : Isha.sadhguru

India is a land of immense diversity, People of different religions and cultures live here in harmony. India has a great variety in its religious culture, linguistic culture and even in food culture. India is an incredible blend of various essences of culture.  But the real beauty of this diversity lies in the oneness in the difference !! It’s the togetherness in spite of having differences in religious beliefs. And that’s why we can say with pride that “India is a place with great cultural integration”.  We Indians are so fortunate to live in a place where you get to experience each and every essence of this cultural integrity whether its festivals, cultures or food!! Where every Indian do respect the uniqueness of the other’s culture and beliefs. We do realise that this diversity is the real elixir of India. Our soul is inseparable from the values and morals that are taught in our religion but again all religions teach the same thing, that is to serve humanity which binds us together.


Unity in Diversity Picture Credit: Connect Gujrat

“Being an Indian is the matter of Proud”. We carry the pride in our heart and the spirit in our soul… being an Indian is not just a fact of Nationality… It’s a feeling !! The feeling that simply cannot be expressed in mere words. It is the feeling that we get when National Anthem plays and we stand up straight with goosebumps. The National Anthem- the lines that describe our unity in diversity, the music which integrates different notes in one beautiful song.Despite following an ample variety of God’s… We all believe there is one great mother that owns us and we owe our lives to her. Our Mother – MOTHER INDIA.

We are Proud Indians.. the soul of INCREDIBLE INDIA

– Written  by Bhakati Gavandi and Pushkar Mahajan

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