Kolhapuri Food

 Some cities are known for their culinary specialties and kolhapur is on the top of that list . Its famous for its extraordinary unique taste and secret behind that is use of authentic and traditional spices. Special kolhapuri homemade masalas (mix spices) & Onion Garlic paste takes it to another level.

Tambda – Pandhra Rassa:


Mutton Taat

Tambda & Pandhra Rassa is typical Kolhapuri soups,it is Trademark of Kolhapuri cuisine.These soups are served along with chicken and mutton dishes.These soups are amazing ,must try this amazing rassa. Already feeling Sorry for vegetarian.

Tambda Rassa

Tambda Rassa got its name cause of its tamda (redish) color .  This  typical kolhapuri soup made with water used to boil the mutton/chicken along with spices.Mutton or chicken pieces boiled with spices is very tempting.Use of hot red chili powder gives it the bright red color and makes it “zan zanit”. 

Tambda Pandhra Rassa

Tambda Pandhra Rassa

Pandhra Rassa

You might have tasted the previous one somewhere else but you will find pandhra rassa(White soup) only and only in Kolhapur. The recipe for pandhra raasa is same as tambda rassa but the only difference is that chicken or mutton is boiled with coconut milk which gives the  white color to soup .

Medical Use:
Apart from test Tambda-Pandhra rassa has some medical use as well. These soups are recommended for cough and  throat related problems .


Mutton Dishes


Dry Mutton

Kolhapur is very famous worldwide for its non-vegetarian cuisine. Roasted mutton is something to wish for when your taste buds are screaming for non-veg.
Dry and Fried Mutton,  Mutton Pickle and Ghati Mutton are some of the varieties in mutton you will spot in the menus of restaurants.


Kolhapuri Misal (Misal Pav):




मिसळ असावी तर कोल्हापुरी . . .
Puneri misal is famous among many folks and said to be best but but but Kolhapuri misal will change your mind for ever. Like every dish in kolhapur, it is served spicy.  Every hotel in the city will serve their own unique version of this dish. Everyone uses different mixture but each one of them is best. It is Favorite breakfast of every Kolhapurkar.  The basic contents of misal will be sprouts,mashed potatoes,farsana,and its main ingredient which makes it delicious is spicy curry called katand for making it more special you can add curd to it.  Kolhapurkar loves to kick-start their day with Spicy Kolhapuri Misal 


Vada Pav :     

Vada Pav

Vada Pav

You already heard about the Bombay vada pav, but Kolhapuri vada pav is different in style.Its bigger in size than bombay vada but better in taste. you can get it at any corner of the city at hawkers stall.
Here vada is not served  with pav but with bread slice,some times spicy chutney(depends upon the shop)  and fried salted mirchi(kolhapurkar likes everything spicy).


Kolhapuri Bhel:



Bhel is ambat-goad evening snack. It made its way in kolhapurkars routine long way back due to one famous man….our own Rajabhau.
It is mixture of Bhadang(Red puffed rice), Chinchechi Chutney (tamarind )giving its sweet and sour kind of taste ,a spoon of Green Chilli Chutney, Farsana and garnished with coriander and Shev and as always for extra spiciness-fried chilly and for extra sourness-slice of raw mango.
This street food is very popular in Kolhapur.

Veg Kolhapuri:

Veg Kolhapuri

Veg Kolhapuri

When you land in any hotel around the India and you demand for a spicy dish  you will definitely spot the Veg Kolhapuri in the menu.it is semi dry mix veg prepared by mixing spices and is best known for its Spicy and Strong flavor.
The special spices give it the spicy-zingy taste.


Amazing taste, Kolhapuri mix spices, authentic & traditional way of cooking made it’s place in everyone’s hearts. Kolhapurkar love their little spicy, tasty and tempting food. Every dish is served here with dash of hospitality and spoon of love. . .

नाद करायचा नाय . . . 


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Picture Credit:  KolhapuriTadaka and bitejunket 
Thank You.
Special Thanks to Pushkar Mahajan & Anuradha Ghatge (Kaki).

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