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kff-Kolhapur Flower Festival

                      Kolhapur Street Beautification Project (KSBP) has organized Six-Day flower festival(KFF) from 24th – 28th Dec at Police Garden, Bawda, Kolhapur. The six-day festival will see huge flower displays, exclusive bonsai, useful kitchen gardening, necessary waste management system and much more along with the entertainment programs like fashion shows, painting shows, fancy dress.

Demos are organized for various art forms like calligraphy, paper flower, flower beauty techniques.  With the theme “Colorful is Wonderful” Kolhapur will be filled with inspiration and fun, flowers, knowledge and creativity and all you need to get close to nature.

Kolhapur Flower Festival is going to be one of the largest flowers shows in western Maharashtra and features stunning displays by Maharashtra’s premier floral and landscape designers and advance gardening techniques and equipment by pioneers of the industry.

1.5 Lakhs Planted Flower Plants gives beautiful scenery of flowers.  More than 100 species of flowers can be seen here.
This exhibition is spread over a 3-acre ground KSBP is actively engaged in developing Kolhapur and increasing tourism in Kolhapur.

kff-Kolhapur Flower Festival

Indian Flag Captured By Aditya

Event Details of Kolhapur Flower Festival 


kff Kolhapur Flower Festival

Carnival Image Source Gaon Connection

24th December 2017

 9:00 AM – Carnival – from Kawala Naka to Police Garden
 11:10 AM – Opening Ceremony
 11:10 AM – Calendar Publication
 11:00 AM – ICE Carving
 12:00 PM – Compositions
 6:00 PM – Fashion Show
 6:30 PM – Dance on KFF Song
 7:00 PM – Songs and Cultural Show


kff Kolhapur Flower Festival

Carnival Image  Source Gaon Connection

25th December 2017

10:00 AM – KFF Innovations
5:00 PM – Street Calligraphy
5:30 PM – Pradeep Barpande- Vertical Gardening
6:30 PM – Vaibhav Raje – Environmental Horticulture
7:15 PM – Christmas Celebration
7:30 PM – Dance on KFF Song


kff Kolhapur Flower Festival

Carnival Image Source Gaon Connection

26th December 2017

 10:00 AM – Landscape Painting
 5:00 PM – Jay Samant – Western Ghats
 6:00 PM – Demo – Paper Flower(Sharad Ghatage)
 7:00 PM – KFF Newsletter
 7:30 PM – Dance on KFF Song
 8:00 PM – Comedy Show


kff Kolhapur Flower Festival

Carnival Image Source Gaon Connection

27th December 2017

 10:00 AM – Face Painting
 6:00 PM – Deepak Devlapurkar – Waste Management
 7:00 PM – Demo – Floral Beauty Techniques
 6:30 PM – Dance on KFF Song
 7:00 PM – Skit on Nature


kff Kolhapur Flower Festival

Taraniputala Decoration For KFF Captured By Aditya Ainapure


28th December 2017

 11:00 AM – Speech – Horticulture
 3:00 PM – Fancy Dress
 6:00 PM – Prize Distribution
 6:30 PM – Closing Ceremony
 6:45 PM – KFF Documentary
 7:00 PM – KFF Newsletter
 8:30 PM – Event Closure


Venu of Kolhapur Flower Festival

Police Head Quarters,
Maharashtra 416006

You can also check out the details of the event at the official page of KFF.

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