Kolhapur and Football The Unbreakable Bond

Kolhapur Football

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Football, world’s most popular sport, the world is crazy for football. Well here in India cricket is more popular than football isn’t it? Perhaps you are wrong to think that because, in some part of India, football is much more popular than cricket. Kolkata, Goa, Kerala, These cities are famous for their love of football but there is one more small city called Kolhapur in the state of Maharashtra where football is more popular than any other sports and for some Kolhapuri people football is like religion.

The Kolhapur football has a very rich history. Before the first world cup, there was a football team of “Jamdar football club, Kolhapur” and there was huge support from honorable chh. Rajaram Maharaj at the time of the thirties.
When honorable chh.Shivaji Raje of Dewas came to Kolhapur for the education they had an immense attraction for football. His Highness played a significant role in making football popular among the common people. Football got substantial support from the Royal families.

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During 1940 to 1950 Football teams like ‘Shivaji’, ‘Bara Imam’, ‘Bal Gopal’ and ‘Practice’ etc came into existence and some of them have been still producing talented footballers.

The Kolhapur Sports association was established in 1940 under the encouragement of chh. Rajaram Maharaj. The Founder members took immense efforts for the development of football. This was the first Association of football established in southern Maharashtra.

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Today football has become so popular in the city of Kolhapur, people treat it like religion. It’s not just a game but emotion for them. Well, If you want to know what football means for the people of Kolhapur, do watch a football game in the city of Kolhapur.

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