Kolhapur | कोल्हापुर | The City of Blessings

            जगात भारी आम्ही कोल्हापुरी….

When you hear “Kolhapur” so many things will pop up in your mind…

        Zan-Zanit Tambda Pandhra Rassa,  Kolhapuri Chappal,   Kolhapuri Misal,
Kolhapuri Saj ,Kolhapuri Jaggery  . . .

That’s not it !  Kolhapur has more than that . Awaiting to be explored and We are here to do that stay tuned with us..

                                         Kolhapur is small city but rich in heritage. Though Maharani Tarabai established the state of Kolhapur  in 1707 ,  Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj is the one who brought glory to the city.  He is considered as father of Kolhapur , he has brought glory to this city that we are witnessing today. He was visionary man with down to earth nature.  Kolhapur owes a lot to Shahu Maharaj .

Kolhapur-new palace

The New Palace

The New Palace is the residency of Chhatrapati of Kolhapur,it was constructed between 1877–1884. The ground floor of the New Palace accommodates the Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum.

Kolhapur has blessing of goddess Amba Bai ( Shree Mahalaxmi Temple)  , it is one of the 108 shakti peethas. Temple was built in 7th century and has amazing architecture & design . When you are in city don’t miss the early morning visit to temple.

Shree Mahalaxmi - Ambabai Temple

Shree Mahalaxmi – Ambabai Temple

Apart from that Jotiba Temple is also the holy place, God Jotiba is known as Dakhancha Raja.

City is  also blessed with nature,surrounded by many rivers , lakes , hills and jungles . . .
The Panchaganga river is the main river and has five tributaries . The valley of the Panchganga is reckoned the most fertile in city and is famous for its hay.
Evening at Panchganga Ghat, beautiful view of sky, peace of river and singing of birds will be stuck in your mind for long.

Panchanganga Ghat

Beauty of city increases even more when cool brezzey air of Rankala Lake blow’s your mind. Rankala lake is the main lake of the city and most favorite spot for morning and evening walk. For love birds this is the place to spend some quality time with their loved once. This place has some magic in its air which could not be explained in words.

The Kolhapur city  has legacy of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj  which can be seen by the forts he had build, like Panhala Fort , Vishalgad Fort. Fort Panhala has the great contribution to the Maratha Empire. Surrounded by the beautiful nature ,Panhala is favorite place of Kolhapurkars and tourist. The Masai Pathar is also beautiful place to visit, it should be on your must visit list. At Panhala you will saw statue of great Bajiprabhu Deshpande ,

Statue of Bajiprabhu Deshpande- Panhala

Statue of Bajiprabhu Deshpande- Panhala

who fought the famous war of Pavan Khind and saved the life of Maratha Empire. You can see Pavan Khind while visiting Fort Vishalgad.

Wrestling (कुस्ती is part of  kolhapur’s tradition, Kolhapur is one of the traditional place of wrestling in India. Wrestler Khashaba Jadhav , who won bronze medal at the 1952 in summer Olympic ,Helsinki. He was one of the first athletes from India to win medal in the olymipc. The city is giving many athletes and sports person to the nation.

kolhapuri- पहिलवान

kolhapuri Wrestler पहिलवान

Kolhapur is birth place of Indian film industry. India’s first ever Oscar Award winner, costume designer Bhanu Athaiya (1982 winner for Gandhi) is a native of Kolhapur. Two Kolhapuri natives – cousins Baburao Painter and Anandrao Painter, were the leading proponents of the film industry here. Kolhapur has contributed a lot to Indian cinema over the years, even after it was eclipsed by other cities like Pune and Mumbai in the film industry.

Great rich in history of Maratha Empire. . . surrounded by beautiful nature . . . perfect weather . . . happy go lucky people . . . a small city which won’t fulfill your big dreams but surely will fill your hearts . . . and thus the perfect city to be alive . . .that is why Kolhapur is called “The city of  blessings ” sure you will love it too..

New Palace

New Palace

Pictures Details:
Shree Mahalaxmi – Ambabai Mandir :Swaroop Shirgopikar
Panchaganga Ghat: Siddarth Chougale
Rankala : Sourabh
Wrestler : Chetan Kotak
New Palace(Last picture): Shubham Kothavale
And Last But Not The Least : Shubham Sakhare   the man who give justice to beauty of Kolhapur and help TheViralFolks to accomplish our goal .

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